Friday, May 6, 2011

Tyler The Creator - Goblin

Goblin is the second studio album by OFWGKTA member Tyler the Creator.


1. Goblin
2. Yonkers
3. Radicals
4. She (feat. Frank Ocean)
5. Transylvania
6. Nightmare
7. Tron Cat
8. Her
9. Sandwitches (feat. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish / Boppin Bitch
11. Analog (feat. Hodgy Beats)
12. Bitch Suck Dick (feat. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (feat. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden

Download Link :,%20The%20Creator%20-%20Goblin%20(2011).rar


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten of the Best Producers in HipHop

So i decided to put together this little complication to go with the poll i have on the sidebar, so if your unsure of who to vote for maybe this will make it a bit clearer. Got loads of ill tracks here 2 by each producers. Btw make sure you vote on the poll!

I actually had this made like 2 years ago when i started this blog, but couldn't get it uploaded, anyway enjoy its a pretty class playlist with not so obvious song choices!

Who is your personal favourite of these Producers?
Large Professor
Pete Rock
J Dilla
DJ Premier
Prince Paul
DJ Muggs
Dan The Automater
DJ Shadow

1. Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)
2. Diesel

DJ Premier
3. Step In The Arena
4. Ain't the Devil Happy

Dan The Automater
5. Rock The House
6. Things You Can Do

DJ Muggs
7. Exploitation Of Mistakes
8. Hand On The Pump

DJ Shadow
9. Walkie Talkie
10. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

11. Everything Man
12. Microphone Mathematics

Large Professor
13. Streets Of New York
14. We Are The Future

Prince Paul
15. Breakadawn
16. Plug Tunin (Last Chance To Comprehend)

Pete Rock
17. Worldwide
18. Can't Front On Me

J Dilla
19. Love Is...
20. Dynamite!

Download Link :

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Madvillian Avalanche / Victory Lap (2011)

Here we are 2011 and the first song to pop up is this new madvillian, which can be heard on the latest stones throw podcast no.64. If you use itunes and haven't already, subscribe to Stones throw Pocast right away.

Here's a mp3 its only 1:49 but its worth listening.

MP3 Download :