Thursday, November 6, 2008

Large Professor - Main Source

Large Professor still keeps busy DJing and producing, and this year sees the release of a new album, Main Source.

Anybody that remembers the clanging sleigh bells of "Halftime" and the glorious saxophone over synths from "It Ain't Hard to Tell" knows that Large Professor is capable of fantastic beats, and Main Source confirms that right off the bat. "The Entrance," starting with a scrambled-up mélange of noise, morphs into a stinging guitar solo over thumping drums, with a well-delivered rap by Large Professor making for a fantastic start to the proceedings.

Elsewhere, "Pump Ya Fist" boasts energetic horns, R&B shouts, and wicked scratching, "Ru Dope" gives Jeru Tha Damaja a jazzy, mellow flavor to wrap one quick verse around, and album closer "The Hardest" sounds like something straight out of the mid-90s hip-hop heyday, with buzzing, heavy bass and mellow synth lines rolling in and out. The entire album has a laid-back vibe throughout, with Large Professor showing off his talent like a painter using his entire palette; the beats sound like the same man made them, but they don't sound the same.

1. The Entrance 2:15
2. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing 2:57
3. Maica Living (feat. Killah Sha And Guardian Leep)3:47
4. Pump Ya Fist (feat. Mikey D Lotto) 3:13
5. Party Time 2:44
6. In The Ghetto 2:49
7. Hardcore Hip-Hop 3:18
8. Frantic Barz 3:02
9. Swein' Love 2:58
10. Ru Dope (feat. Jeru The Damaja) 1:01
11. Dap (feat. Lil Dap) 0:41
12. Noyd (feat. Big Noyd) 0:47
13. Classic Emergency 2:31
14. Rockin' Hip-Hop 3:22
15. Large Pro Says 2:02
16. To The Meadows 1:46
17. The Hardest (feat. Styles P And AZ) 4:42

Rating 7/10

Download Link :

Large Professor - Main Source Interview (Gold Dust)

Large Pro - Hardcore Hip-Hop

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