Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

Much like many of the later Wu-Tang albums, Supreme Clientele is not produced entirely by The RZA. He only composed four tracks, while other lesser known producers contributed the remaining beats. However RZA did oversee the overall production and mixing of the songs and skits on the album, being listed as executive producer along with Ghostface. The album's acclaim is notable considering that most of the Wu-Tang's second solo releases were considered disappointments, while several critics consider Supreme Clientele to be superior to Ghostface's debut Ironman.

The album contained a diss toward then-up-and-coming 50 Cent. In the "Clyde Smith" skit Wu-tang member Raekwon, with the use of voice distortion, plays the role of a man named Clyde Smith. Clyde Smith addresses 50 Cent and his 1999 song "How to Rob," in which 50 Cent jokingly rhymes about how he'll rob many popular music artists, including RZA, Raekwon, and Ghostface. The skit drew a response from 50 Cent, who would later dis Wu-tang in an underground mixtape freestyle.

As, one of the greatest solo Wu-Tang efforts, Ghostface would continue to make albums to some acclaim, but Supreme Clientele was considered the best of his works. The RZA's production was highly praised and the lyrical ability of Ghostface at the time was very impressive.

1. Intro
2. Nutmeg - (featuring RZA)
3. One
4. Saturday Nite
5. Ghost Deini - (featuring Superb)
6. Apollo Kids - (featuring Raekwon)
7. Grain, The - (featuring RZA)
8. Buck 50 - (featuring Cappadonna/Method Man/Masta Killah/Redman)
9. Mighty Healthy
10. Woodrow The Base Head - (skit)
11. Stay True - (featuring 60 Second Assassin)
12. We Made It - (featuring Superb)
13. Stroke Of Death
14. Iron's Theme (Intermission)
15. Malcolm
16. Who Would You Fuck - (skit)
17. Child's Play
18. Cherchez LaGhost
19. Wu Banga 101 - (featuring GZA/Cappadonna/Masta Killah/Raekwon)
20. Clyde Smith - (skit)
21. Iron's Theme (Conclusion)

Rating 9/10

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Ghostface Killah - Chercez La Ghost

Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids

Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy


Jay Bird said...

This IS Ghost's best joint. True story. I had it on tape back in Y2K and had played it in the car so much I nearly destroyed it.
So much greatness on Supreme Clientele, it's disgusting.
And about the 50 feud, GZA put the nail in the coffin on Pro Tools. 50's retired and irrelevant these days anyway.

Drago said...

Yo! PleASE COULD U tell us the password for the supreme clientele rar archive??

dub dillinja and megman said...

Ghost fans might like this:

We're dropping the free MP3 on Friday.