Monday, July 21, 2008

Tricky - Maxinquaye

Maxinquaye is the debut album of Bristol, England rapper/producer Tricky, released in 1995. Expanding on the sonic template of fellow Bristolians Massive Attack, and featuring then-girlfriend Martina Topley-Bird on vocals, Maxinquaye is a dark, mysterious album featuring a combination of hip-hop, soul, dub, rock and electronica.

This is often regarded as one of the most innovative and best albums in the trip hop genre.

1. Overcome
2. Ponderosa
3. Black Steel
4. Hell Is Round The Corner
5. Pumpkin
6. Aftermath
7. Abbaon Fat Tracks
8. Brand New You're Retro
9. Suffocated Love Listen
10. You Don't
11. Strugglin'
12. Feed Me

Rating 9/10

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Tricky - Aftermath

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