Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Roots - Illadelph Halflife

Illadelph Halflife, released in 1996, is the third full length album from The Roots. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. The album received various other awards. In 2006 the album was selected as one of Hip-Hop Connection's 100 Best Rap Albums from 1995 to 2005, and is held as one of the best albums by The Roots by many fans.

The album itself is the closest The Roots would get to straight up, simple East Coast hip-hop. Whereas on their first two albums The Roots had a loose, jam session feel to their music, they seemed much more focused on Illadelph Halflife, working hard to give the listener stronger hooks to focus on, one of the main criticisms of the first two albums.

Malik B stated in an interview on that the group was in depression during the recording of the album due to it being their second major label album feeling the need to outdo the other two and to escape the sophomore jinx.
The album's hit single "What They Do" featured the group running through many rap video clich├ęs. In 2008 "What They Do" was ranked number 64 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.

1. Intro.
2. Respond/React
3. Section
4. Panic!!!!!!!
5. It Just Don't Stop
6. Episodes
7. Push Up Ya Lighter
8. What They Do
9. ? Vs. Scratch (The Token DJ Cut)
10. Concerto Of The Desperado
11. Clones
12. Universe At War
13. No Alibi
14. Dave Vs. US
15. No Great Pretender
16. The Hypnotic
17. Ital (The Universal Side)
18. One Shine
19. The Adventures In Wonderland
20. Outro

Rating 9/10

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The Roots - Clones Remix Live

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Jay Bird said...

What made me cop Illadelph/alflife when it dropped? I read in a magazine that Grandmaster Flash cried after listening to it.