Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is the debut album from Native Tongues Posse affiliate Black Sheep. The album became one of the most popular and acclaimed alternative hip hop albums of the 1990s.

1. Intro
2. U Mean I'm Not
3. Butt In The Meantime
4. Have U.N.E. Pull
5. Strobelite Honey
6. Are You Mad?
7. The Choice Is Yours
8. To Whom It May Concern
9. Similak Child
10. Try Counting Sheep
11. Flavor Of The Month
12. La Menage
13. L.A.S.M.
14. Gimme The Finga
15. Hoes We Knows
16. Go To Hail
17. Black With N.V. (No Vision)
18. Pass The 40
19. Blunted
20. For Doz That Slept
21. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)
22. Yes

Rating 9/10

Download Link :

Flavour of the Month


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Ian Huet said...

The great samples that were woven into this album are one of the big reasons it remains a classic. Check out this ChoiceCuts article exploring the samples and where they came from...

Anonymous said...

Yo, I'm 40 years thru life and for me "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" was the icing on the Native Tongues cake that had already baked into a marvelous creation. BUT...being the in-depth thinker that I am, "NON-FICTION" has got to be (too me) the all time most underrated TRUE hip hop album that flew by all you self-proclaiming lovers of music production, lyrics and hip hop...did I say music production and lyrics? This joint was in stealth mode and never appeared on your radar because the label/distributor didn't put any MONEY behind it and force it in your fukin faces to be heard and critiqued for the brilliant creation it is. The problem??? Jazz had to pushed in your type faces by Blue Note Records whose origins aren't domestic to the USA and this joint is part of the reason I have mad love for jazz till this day. Every track is slammin to the utmost and should appeal to anyone who loves MUSIC and LYRICS. HOW could this album be slept on? "Without A Doubt" made top 100 on billboard so why didn't you music production and lyrics critics not get on board? Probably because that record was the most RADIO accepted joint on the album. LYRICS and PRODUCTION couldn't get any tighter regardless of your Blues, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop or Rap musical background. If this album would have been ALLOWED to take it's place in hip hop dominance candy rap wouldn't be making millions today (truly not hating, make your paper hustlers). Big up to Black Sheep. Thanks for taking a dive off the cliff overlooking the solar system. If I had the loot, "NON-FICTION" would've done platinum x infinity (over-exaggerated but you get the point). That's my word. Thanks for giving me a CD that along with "A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing" will always be with me right beside "PEOPLES INSTINCTIVE TRAVELS AND THE PATHS OF RHYTHM" (big up to De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah and Monie Love) ; "THE CHRONIC" (big up to Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound); "The Score"; "southernplayalisticadillacmuzik"; "ENTER THE WU-TANG 36 CHAMBERS" (and the 1st solo albums/artist); "ready to die"; "DARE IZ A DARKSIDE" (big up to F.N.P. and Def Squad); and last but definitely not least, "all eyez on me" (too brilliant to admit I only have 2 CD's....damn). Also, there's a ton more east and west coast hip hop artist I respect and appreciate but I didn't buy your bad. I haven't really heard or bought anything from Black Sheep after "NON-FICTION" cause I knew to make a so called comeback Dres and Lawnge would have to settle for label direction that would steer them way short of the masterpiece creation that apparently was a big gamble. And to anyone who is thinking "get off their dicks"... FUCK YOU and go listen to "NON-FICTION". It was way before it's time so hopefully you "typical sheep" asses will hear and notice the brilliance now. BIG UP Black Sheep!!!

Anonymous said...

by the way...."STRICKLY 4 MY NIGGAZ" is the other Pac album so I guess I should also admit that while I'm blogging...Peace

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John Aldridge said...

tHOSE links above aren't working, such a shame!!! Anyway, I already downloaded the full working album and I will share this to you guys cause.. why not right? This album is so great!