Friday, June 13, 2008

Justice System - Rooftop Soundcheck

Well Friday the 13th is here, unlucky for some but not if you check out this!!!

Justice System's 1994 debut "Rooftop Soundcheck" is simply one of the most unappreciated masterpieces in hip hop. This album is beyond hip hop at its best; it's pure music at its best.

Justice System is a seven piece band, including bass, guitar, sax, drums, keyboards, and two rappers. If you like Jazz and hip hop, then you will love this!

1. Due Our Time
2. Trouble on My Mind
3. Flexin' tha Ill Funk
4. Dedication to Bambaataa
5. Summer in the City
6. Santana
7. Ill-River Expedition
8. Justice Funkin'
9. Jacquelina
10. Just Because
11. Soulstyle
12. Take It to the Stage
13. Summer in the City [Sunshine Blend]
14. Jacquelina Outro

Rating 9/10

Download Link:

Summer in the City / Take it to the Stage


Robo Bobo said...

Lol I was the 1994th person who downloaded this

Cathal said...

1994 was the year this album came out aswell lol