Monday, August 4, 2008

Common - Can I Borrow a Dollar?

Can I Borrow A Dollar? shows Common's earlier style of rapping; namely a sing-songy and inflection-heavy vocal delivery, as well as lyrics packed with wordplay and popular culture allusions. The album's production, utilizing samples, keyboards, and drum breaks prominently, tends to be minimalistic, jazzy and laid back. The Source called the production top notch. Although receiving a lukewarm reception, Stanton Swihart of Allmusic considers it to have put Chicago hip hop on the map and to be an underrated debut album.

1. a penny for my thought's
2. charm's alarm
3. take it ez
4. heidi hoe
5. breaker 1/9
6. two scoop's of raisin's
7. no defence
8. blow's to the temple
9. just in the nick of rhyme
10. trick's up my sleeve
11. puppy chow
12. soul by the pound
13. pitchin pennie's

Rating 7.5/10

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Common - Take It Ez (1992)

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